For professional grade trade planning, please reuse this trade plan template:

Spec-K Trading Plan Template

For information on the Morgan Visual Trend Indicator, refer to the May 2019 issue of Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, and find a description here.  You can load MVTI from the Thinkorswim shared library under the name “MVTI”.

For finding watch list stocks, I recommend finviz (see the Q/A section for specifics on my screening criteria):

For tracking the SP500 Elliott wave count (as well as gold and oil wave counts), the best in the world bar none is Lara Iriarte at elliottwavestockmarket:

For broad market analysis of the top caliber, every serious trader should listen to the weekly “short takes” from Ciovacco Capital:

For a high quality trading brokerage with extremely deeply discounted commissions, I recommend Interactive Brokers:

For the best in chart analysis tools, I recommend Thinkorswim by Ameritrade.  You can create an account with minimal $’s, then take out all but $10 and have access to Thinkorswim (and the data feed) forever, a fantastic deal!

For stock trading system development on your own, I recommend the Seer trading platform:

For a detailed analysis of US and global fundamentals relative to market action, I recommend becoming a free member of TheoTrade and monitoring the several times a week posts by “TheoDark”.  Additionally, the free market updates from Corey Rosenblum are excellent at identifying set up stocks.

For books on basic stock chart reading and general technical analysis:

– Technical Analysis of Stock Trends (Edwards and McGee)

– Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets (Murphy)

– Elliott Wave Principle (Frost, Prechter)

– Harmonic Elliott Wave (Copsey)

– Fibonacci Trading (Boroden)

– How to Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard (Minirveni)

– Visual Guide to Elliott Wave Trading (Gorman/Kennedy)

– Portfolio Management Formulas (Vince)

– How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market

– Pragmatic Trading: Professional Planning, Modern Methods (Morgan) (AVAILABLE NOW, this web site and at Amazon)



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