For finding watch list stocks, I recommend two sources of information (one paid though there is a trial membership, and one free):

For tracking the overall state of the stock market in terms of Dow Theory and cycles of various length, I recommend Tim Wood’s Cyclesman service:

For a high quality trading brokerage with extremely deeply discounted commissions, I recommend Interactive Brokers:

For stock charting, I recommend StockCharts and BigCharts:

For monitoring stock price in real-time, most brokerages including Interactive Brokers provide real-time charting with minimal delay on the data feed (seconds only versus the usual 20 minute delay on most public free charting services such as the above).

For stock trading system development on your own, I recommend the Seer trading platform:

For books on basic stock chart reading and general technical analysis:

Technical Analysis of Stock Trends

Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets

Encyclopedia of Stock Patterns

For general high quality books on trading and tracking the state of the market:

High Probability Trading

How I Trade for a Living

For a good read on trading and the importance of focusing on your system and ignoring all other distractions:

How I Made $2,000,000 in the Stock Market