Bonds (TLT)

Update 10/18/19 10:12am: Much too long since my last TLT update.  I have TLT in a large minor 4 correction, still incomplete.  Showing it here as a flat, but it could very well continue on as a triangle (it has that look, with turns at the 76-78% retrace level going down, the again at the 21-23% level going back up).  The adventurous could drop a short term butterfly centered near the middle of it all.


Update 9/25/19 10:35am: Bonds have broken out of it’s up channel, and possibly starting up a consolidation triangle.


Update 9/5/19 9:47am: TLT has broken down and here’s the very likely wave count.  Price now in a minor 4 down.  Further downward movement is expected to complete this 4.