Spec-K:  High Performance Stock Trading

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Learn to trade stocks using a consistently winning trading system. For both experienced and new traders, the Spec-K system will provide you with a means of executing a trading process that generates profits using the same techniques used by casinos to turn gambling in a consistent profit generating business.

The Spec-K trading system is available in e-book form from Amazon.com for viewing in Kindle readers, including the free Kindle reader for your PC or Mac. Access the Spec-K Trading System book here: The Spec-K Trading System at Amazon.

The Spec-K trading system is a unique and comprehensive methodology for stock trading.  It provides consistent profitability, low variance in account value, fast compounding of equity, and low risk from emotionally driven trading decisions.  It uses a mix of specific and unique methods that operate together to achieve these objectives.   The system addresses all required trading areas for complete system trading operations, including:

  • Theory of operation and fundamental trading principles of the system
  • Creating and managing a watch list of premier stocks for trade consideration
  • How to identify and enter trades on watch list stocks
  • How to keep your entire trading equity working at all times to maximize returns
  • How to diversify your holdings to reduce your variance and increase profit consistency
  • Precisely how to exit trades in both profit and loss situations
  • How to adjust your trade sizing as your equity expands and contracts
  • How to make adjustments for highly volatile stocks
  • How to manage commissions for minimal impact on average per trade profits
  • How to manage the emotions of fear and greed through the trading process

Spec-K is a positional trading system, not a day trading system. With fully mechanical exits, there is no requirement to monitor the markets during market hours, and all trade decisions can be made after hours. As a “long only” system, it is ideal for trading using self-directed IRA’s. As a positional system, Spec-K trades actively and quickly; you will be closing and opening new trades several times per week, on average. With mechanical exits it is easy to take time off from trading by entering exit orders and letting trades run until your return.

The Spec-K trading manual is extremely comprehensive and specific, with all subjects supported by multiple real trade examples.  Utilizing methods identical to those used by casinos to extract consistent profits from gambling operations, Spec-K will elevate your trading into the methodical operation of a consistently profitable trading business.

This site provides additional information, active discussion, further education, examples, and a forum for questions and answers about Spec-K system trading.