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Pragmatic Trading

Professional Planning, Modern Methods

This book is a high power course in professional directional stock trading.  Designed to remove the burden of the study of 8-10 different core stock trading textbooks by providing the essentials of a complete trading plan structure, the highest performance analysis tools and how to deploy them, and a broad set of specific “professional grade” entry and trade management techniques.

Pragmatic Trading is comprehensive, taking the beginner and the experienced trader alike through a complete trading plan appropriate for professional usage, and a broad set of tools and how to apply them in a complete trading plan for generating consistent profits with minimal risk.  Revolutionary new analytical techniques are detailed.  Extensive examples with detailed explanatory charts are provided, including specific trades per the trading plans.

Contents includes:

  • The theory and math of trading.
  • The complete trading plan for rigorous and disciplined trade execution.
  • Comprehensive tutorials on essential technical market analysis tools.
  •  Multiple trade setup and trigger models.
  • Trade management: stop and profit exit techniques.
  • Two fully specified functional trading plans.

The market analysis tools section is comprehensive:

  • Candlestick charts
  • Price swing lines
  • Polarity analysis
  • Price trend lines
  • Support and resistance levels
  • Price reversal patterns
  • Fibonacci levels
  • Quantitative trend
  • Candlesticks patterns
  • Range consolidation and expansion
  • Volatility analysis and the volatility squeeze
  • Symmetry analysis
  • Fibonacci fitting
  • Elliott wave analysis
  • Market top analysis
  • Cross market analysis

The book includes several revolutionary new analytical and trading planning technologies:

  • Fibonacci Fitting (TM), a revolutionary technique for projecting market tops and turns from partial price swing data.
  • The Morgan Visual Trend Indicator (MVTI), which measures trend purely quantitatively and provides extreme ease of use for trend assessment across time frames.
  • MarketState, a multi-dimensional modeling tool for providing trade management controls and trade commitment controls for trade execution synchrony (“rhythm”) with the market.

The emphasis throughout is on achieving a positive trading edge, and trading in a disciplined manner using a comprehensive trading plan.

Review a complete Table of Contents.

Pragmatic Trading: Professional Planning, Modern Methods
Pragmatic Trading: Professional Planning, Modern Methods
A Complete Course in Professional Stock Trading

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All charts in the book are duplicated at the end of the book, to enable ease of use in reading the text while looking at the corresponding chart, by opening the book in two separate reader windows.


“The book is well written and packed full of information. Very well done indeed!”  = Peter H.